Laboratory MSU mixer-settler units

Compact with a modular design. Small scale extraction units viable for solvent extraction research and evaluation of chemistry and process data. Available in standard sizes or custom according to requirements.

  • Small scale extraction
  • Solvent extraction R&D
MSU-5 & MSU-15

Mixer-settler process equipment

MSU-SQ mixer-settler units - industrial mixer-settler unit, dimensioned and produced according to process engineering data.

Multi-layer construction with reinforced chemical resistant vinyl ester resin or PVDF.


The pulsed column

The pulsed column - industrial pulsed sieve plate twin column arrangement used in solvent extraction. The pulses are swinging like a gyratory movement between two columns, giving low energy input and smooth operation. 

The pulsed column

MEAB has produced hydrometallurgy equipment for more than 50 years and has engineering & manufacturing competence for delivering industry standard equipment for solvent extraction. 
Depending on process and chemical data, we will adapt a manufacturing process and material knowledge to make equipment designed for continuous operation in highly corrosive conditions.

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