Laboratory service 

Located in Aachen at the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and Holland, our laboratory assets of the MEAB Group, concentrated to MEAB Chemie Technik GmbH, are close to most European industrial centres. Our ambitions are to complete our customer’s research and development in their efforts to find and implement competitive-enabled processes in the hydrometallurgical field.

In Aachen we have access to a complete chemical laboratory and a well-equipped pilot plant facility. These assets are used stepwise. First, orientating investigations (chemical performance tests) are conducted in our chemical laboratories. For the following continuous pilot studies of the process conditions, appropriate equipment is used in order to demonstrate the entire parts of the process.

In addition to traditional hydrometallurgical processes, we are a competent partner in the development and optimisation of solvent extraction processes. This technique has gained considerable importance as an effective separation process. It has increasingly been used in processes where traditional methods are no longer feasible or are disqualified by too high emissions to the environment.

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Engineering  Service

1. Feasibility Evaluation

When the process ideas are established after a basic chemical evaluation, the next step is to investigate the economical realities. This information is needed to judge the quality of the development and support the decision to continue with the erection of a plant.

The evaluation starts with defining the process conditions and the design capacity. Then a process flow and instrument diagram (P&ID) is constructed and the main equipment is specified. The investment cost is calculated together with the cost for auxiliary constructions. Add and subtract the operation cost and the product revenue and the production result (ROA) is achieved.

1. Basic Engineering Work

The MEAB Group is also capable of developing detailed design and engineering work. The scope of work includes the specification of the project in a formal manner (statement of requirements) and the detailed design and engineering for procurement level.

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